Recipe: How to Train Your Hair to Not Need Washing

Let me preface this post with two important disclaimers: I am not a hair expert and I see how the title of this sounds really gross, especially to men who may be unaware that hair looks its best when it’s dirty.

I’m just your average person with a really thick head of hair and I’ve mastered the art of not washing it to the point where on the fifth day without wash it looks its absolute I’m-a-model-fresh-off-the-Victoria’s-Secret-runway-with-the-body-of-a-professional-donut-eater best.

So here’s my advice on training your hair to not need washing for at least six days. Note: not all hair types are the same, obviously, but I have suggested this method to other women who have different hair than mine and it has worked for them as well.

This is my hair after five days without washing. Seriously.





I like to write for fun, but mostly for sanity.

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